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oh, chalkboard wall. what shall we do with you??

Who doesn’t like a chalkboard – especially one in your very own house??  One of the selling features of our place (for me, at least!) was the chalkboard wall in the kitchen.  It looked like fun and I saw endless possibilities, but have yet to make it really our “own.”  Here’s what it looked like in the beginning:

a hand-drawn map of our new neighbourhood!

In December, I changed the map into a festive greeting:

I'm a great artist, no?

But as of now, it’s a clean slate!  Now what to do with it….

a calendar?



a menu for the week?


random art?


Leaning towards a shopping list/menu type idea.  Lord knows I need help organizing meals!  This might just be the trick… I’ll keep you posted :)



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I love Sally Ann

Ha, I’ve never called it that before.  Not sure why I just did.  But… there’s a Salvation Army on my way home from work and I can’t help but stop by once in a while and check out the scene for treasures!  I’ve found a couple of toys that I’ve used for work (sanitized the heck out of ’em first!) but just wanted to share a few others!

item 1: desk drawers

scratches and doodles - nothing a little spray paint can't fix?

item 2: basket

could be a fixer upper to hold bathroom stuff?

item 3: iced tea sign

my first modge podge project?

I’m excited about the possible transformations!  I’ve already got to work on the drawers – it’s been my first spray paint adventure.  So far I’ve already figured out that nail polish remover works great at getting spray paint of your fingers!  (But for all I know this may be common knowledge and I’m stating the obvious).  I’m learning!



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valentine’s subway art – framed

Remember the valentine’s subway art I showed here?  Well, I framed it!

I think it’s pretty – now to create some other things to join it on the mantel!  Methinks something like this would look nice… and I still want to make one of these for our front door.  My crafty wish list is growing, but I love it!



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curious about modge podge

When I was a kid, mom used to take us to craft classes at Lewiscraft. Anyone remember those? It was a craft store – I think it was Canadian – but it closed (or was bought out) a while ago. Anyways, I have fond memories of those classes at the back of the Lewiscraft store. We painted ceramics and made other various crafts… but what sticks out most in my mind is the modge podge class! We got to pick out pretty paper and modge podge the heck out of these little flower pots. I was so proud of mine..

… and I haven’t done it since! I keep seeing modge podge creations out there that are fabulous looking and that I would love to try out! We have this one wall in our house that is pretty bare. And by pretty, I mean completely.  Thinking that one of these pieces would look perfect in that space!

wine label art from Food, Wine and Modge Podge


mosaic art from Give a Hoot


cute wall art from Wonderwoman Wannabe


photos by The Sassy Pepper

DIY photos on canvas?! Oh the possibilities…
To Michaels – I’ll explain on the way!


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valentine’s subway art

Yesterday I got my hubby to show me how to use photoshop.  I’m sort of getting the hang of it, but with all the layers and brushes etc., there’s definitely a learning curve!  After I created my header (a big deal for me!) I wanted to try my (developing) skills out on something else!  I’ve seen a few posts here and there showing off  valentine’s subway art, and I thought this would be the perfect project. And super easy!  I think I’ll frame it and put it on the mantel… but I’m eager to show it off.

valentine's subway art

Thank you, ladies for this beautiful idea. And thank you, Photoshop!

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I confess, I like projects that offer immediate gratification.  I think that’s why I tend to start knitting/crocheting and get to about half a scarf (okay, maybe a quarter) and then get squirrelly and impatient and move on to the next thing.  So, when I saw this tutorial on Not Martha it was right up my alley.  I loved it!

Really all it involves is getting little glass beads from the floral section of a craft store, some silicone glue, little magnets, and a magazine to cut out your designs.  But if there is one thing I learned is that she really means it when she says use silicone glue (I thought “pssh, regular craft glue dries clear it will be fine”).  Wrong.  I had to go out and buy the right kind after.  But once I did it worked like a charm!

Check out her tutorial and make some of your own!

pretty, no?

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the den

Okay. This space was advertised on the real estate spec sheet as a den. Hmm… that’s a stretch. It could maybe be used as an office, but a cramped one at that. We’re happy to have the space, but let’s not kid ourselves. Anyway, we’re planning to make it a storage/coat room that is pleasing to the eye. Ergo one of my resolutions. So far it seems to be the ‘miscellaneous’ room.. where things go when they don’t have a place. It’s slowly becoming more cluttered and overgrown, as you can see (don’t judge me, we only moved in four months ago!).

the bane of my existence

I’m determined to make it pretty! You’ll see…

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