I love Sally Ann

Ha, I’ve never called it that before.  Not sure why I just did.  But… there’s a Salvation Army on my way home from work and I can’t help but stop by once in a while and check out the scene for treasures!  I’ve found a couple of toys that I’ve used for work (sanitized the heck out of ’em first!) but just wanted to share a few others!

item 1: desk drawers

scratches and doodles - nothing a little spray paint can't fix?

item 2: basket

could be a fixer upper to hold bathroom stuff?

item 3: iced tea sign

my first modge podge project?

I’m excited about the possible transformations!  I’ve already got to work on the drawers – it’s been my first spray paint adventure.  So far I’ve already figured out that nail polish remover works great at getting spray paint of your fingers!  (But for all I know this may be common knowledge and I’m stating the obvious).  I’m learning!




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2 responses to “I love Sally Ann

  1. Nice finds! Also, lovely blog. I had no idea you were so crafty and creative, my friend! Why oh why didn’t we combine forces back when we lived in the same city, huh!?

    Keep up the good work and I will be following your projects, mah friend! :)

    • Thanks Jana! I visit your blog often, and you always blow me away with the things you make. We should arrange a hang-out next time I am in town! And I can see your lil’ baby bump in person :)

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