oh, chalkboard wall. what shall we do with you??

Who doesn’t like a chalkboard – especially one in your very own house??  One of the selling features of our place (for me, at least!) was the chalkboard wall in the kitchen.  It looked like fun and I saw endless possibilities, but have yet to make it really our “own.”  Here’s what it looked like in the beginning:

a hand-drawn map of our new neighbourhood!

In December, I changed the map into a festive greeting:

I'm a great artist, no?

But as of now, it’s a clean slate!  Now what to do with it….

a calendar?



a menu for the week?


random art?


Leaning towards a shopping list/menu type idea.  Lord knows I need help organizing meals!  This might just be the trick… I’ll keep you posted :)



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5 responses to “oh, chalkboard wall. what shall we do with you??

  1. That chalkboard wall is SOOOO cool! Gosh, I don’t know what you should put next, but you’ve got some great ideas here!

  2. You should trace your body and decorate the perfect outfit. Or just leave it like a crime scene. Maybe even write in yellow DO NOT CROSS or CAUTION over top.
    OR play a giant game of tic tac toe or hang man or something

  3. noooo!!!!! that totally looked like hangman before I posted it.

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