mod podge basket re-do

Look what I made!   A while ago I posted about some items I found at the Salvation Army.  Well, a few weeks ago I had an evening to myself so I gave myself permission to make a mess mod podging on the dining room table!  I had a big package of scrapbook paper that I got for Christmas a while back, so I chose a colour I thought matched with my bathroom decor and ran with it!



As my first mod podge project.. there are a few imperfections.  I used this tutorial and it was super helpful.  But I learned the hard way that when she says “KEEP smoothing for a minute or two,” she really means it!  I’m so impatient that this part was hard for me.  Nothing worse than bubbles (of which I have a few) or peeling edges (ditto) that happen when you don’t spend enough time smoothing it out.  So I learned my lesson.  But you can only see them when you look reeeally closely, so it doesn’t really count, right?  Right.

Now I can’t help thinking all the time, “What else can I mod podge?!”



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3 responses to “mod podge basket re-do

  1. Watch out now. Mod Podge is highly addictive!

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