craft night with the ladies!

A few weeks ago a friend and I were carpooling to work.  She mentioned that some other ladies from work were talking about getting together once a month for a craft night, and asked if would I be interested.  My answer?  Heck yes, I would!

The lovely lady who hosted the craft night blows me away with the beautiful things she makes.  She quilts, makes fabric art, and sews up a storm.  Really talented!  (I seriously envy her skills and her craft room.  Or, should I say, craft loft.)

So on Craft Night #1, she taught the rest of us to make canvas art.   Basically, they are fabric covered canvasses with a fabric image ironed on the front.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make one to hang above our coffee station, or one to hang in our bathroom, so I made both.  (Well, three. I couldn’t help it!)

Here are my creations!

toothbrushes and toothpaste for the bathroom

coffee cup above our coffee cart

These were seriously, super easy to make.  It did help that we had a very patient teacher guiding us through the steps…

Because of their simplicity and absolute cuteness, I have decided that they will make great homemade gifts, for sure!  My mind is already turning: “whose birthday is coming up next?”… “what random holiday can I find an excuse to make one of these for?” … “maybe one for every room?”  :)

Here’s to the next craft night!



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2 responses to “craft night with the ladies!

  1. What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing this!
    Where did you get the fabric image? This is really an awesome idea.

  2. We had some special paper that you iron onto the fabric image to make it into an iron-on transfer! And I printed the images from a google image search, traced them on the fabric and cut them out. I think when I make another one I’ll post a tutorial :)

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