a photo from Easters past

Linking up again with Kim at Yellow Songbird!

Yes, folks, this little girl is me.  Clearly quite focused on decorating my Easter egg that I just made with Daddy.  There are so many things I love about this photo:  the very 80s (or, rather, remnants of 70s) wallpaper, the mother goose cookie jar in the background that my mom still has, my little death grip on the Easter egg, and my little belly poking out from under my sweater.

Happy Easter to you!



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4 responses to “a photo from Easters past

  1. hahaha that’s awesome! I loved all the little tidbits you pointed out in the photo! You were a cutie!

  2. Cute! I always had a little belly sticking out as well. ;-)

  3. love this, so sweet!

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