chocolate cream pie = heaven in my mouth

And not just because I made it.

Last weekend, my sister and her roommate invited the hubby and I to their place for Easter dinner.  They were taking care of the meal and I was instructed to bring dessert.  So I did.

Oh, did I ever.

I followed this recipe, which turned out to be absolutely delicious!

my recipe book

cookie crust

filling: stir stir thicken thicken

no lumps!

add the chocolatey goodness

ready to be chilled

The best part was that, since the filling needed to cool, it could be made up to a day beforehand.  The next day, all I had to do was put the whip cream on and it was ready to be served!

If you are a chocaholic like me, this is definitely the pie for you, and it was super easy to make.  Next time you are entertaining or are bringing a dessert to a friend’s place… make this chocolate cream pie!  To.die.for.

ready for dessert?

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