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summer is {almost} here!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of June.  I don’t know about you, but for me, no matter what the calendar says it means that summer is here!  Living in Vancouver, though, the rain sort of gets in the way of the excitement.  Fun fact: this year we have had the rainiest, gloomiest spring since 1950-something.  Yikes!  I am definitely ready for the sun to shine and to enjoy all that comes with summer.

SO, I thought I would share with you my summer to-do list!  I got the template from the lovely ladies at eighteen25.

I look forward to crossing these off my list.  Summer, here I come!

Won’t you join me?  Download your summer to-do list template and share your plans!



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home is where the heart is

The long weekend is here!

Long weekend… oh how I love thee.

The hubby and I came back to my parent’s house for the weekend.  There is just something about being home that is comfy and full of warm fuzzies.

These thoughts sort of spurred the creation of this little printable.  Since my Valentine’s Subway art is still up (shame, shame) I think I’ll put this one up in its place.

This image was formatted to fit a 5×7 frame.  Feel free to take and print for yourself!

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to bean, or not to bean…

Haha. I know, that was super lame..

.. but that is just how I roll.

Have you seen these creations by Angela at Love Sweet Love?

Today I stumbled across this post that showed just how cute you could make something out of styrofoam balls and… Beans!

Brilliant, simple and so beautiful!

Love those projects that use up things that you already have laying around.  AND, it’s always a bonus when they turn out!

I’m gonna have to try this.

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magnets for wine lovers

A few months back, I made some magnets that were cute, and super easy!   I wanted to make some more, but didn’t want to be restricted to images I found in magazines or designs on scrapbook paper.  So I went to trusty Photoshop and made some of my own.

Decided to go with a wine theme – worked out well if I don’t say so myself!

Except, that blob on the bottom left is supposed to be a bunch of grapes.  Does it look like grapes?  Or more like a blob?

Yeah, I thought so too.

Oh well.  Try out the tutorial here!

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holy craft this utensil art is cute!

As I was perusing blogland the other day, I saw this!

It’s by Rachel, at Holy Craft.  (Not only does she make cute stuff, but she gets extra bonus points for clever wordplay.)

Super cute.  Looks easy enough to make, too!

I have all the supplies… and since I apparently have no problem with book desecration, I’m adding this to my list of To Dos for sure.

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Mrs. Dress-up – a photo montage

In this post I mentioned that I love to dress up.  Costume parties, theme parties, any opportunity to make matching t-shirts… I’m in.  So I thought I would share a few of my faves!

To explain…

Top row from left:

SNL Party:  I dressed up as a giant cup of soup from this Justin Timberlake sketch.  And yes, that costume was made by yours truly.

‘Gold Fever’ Party:  This was from a friend’s Gold-themed birthday party.  I think it was around the time Kanye West’s “Golddigger” came out.  That, or I may just remember that song being played a lot that night.

Masquerade Party:  A girlfriend asked everyone to come in masquerade for her birthday party one year.  A few of us girls got together one night to make our masks, which was half the fun!

2nd row from left:

Halloween 2005:  Four of us girlfriends dressed up as the Average Joes team from the movie Dodgeball.  Randomly enough, later that night we ran into a group of guys dressed up as the Globo Gym team, their on-screen rival!  It was pretty funny.

MS Fundraiser:  A friend had been recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), so he decided to throw an MS fundraiser.  You had to come dressed as anything using the initials MS.  A couple girlfriends and I decided to be Marks and Spencer (and guess who got the short end of the stick by being the ampersand….)!

Halloween 2007:  I was Alphabits cereal.  My friend was the Cereal Killer.

3rd row from left:

Wig night:  Self explanatory?  There may or may not have been martinis involved.

Pirate party:  My friend’s boyfriend’s birthday party.  Complete with a pirate bar downstairs and a “beach” in the backyard!

Halloween 2006:  Another group costume – we were a farm scene that included two chickens, a sheep and a farm fence.  Now you may think I also got the short end of the stick by being the fence, but I think it was the best part! :)

bottom row from left:

Christmas sweater party:  I found these gems a day before the party at Value Village.  $5 each.  Score!

Halloween 2008:  You may not be able to tell, but I had stuck little letters and words all over me — I was a Spelling Bee (did I mention that I also love word play?).

Bachelorette party:  This was my inspiration for these Bachelorette party t-shirts.  My friend made us matching t-shirts for my Bachelorette party in Seattle.   On the front they said either “Bride to Be” or “Bachelorette,”  and on the back there was a whole list of things we had to complete and check off while out on the town!


Thanks for bearing with me as I took a trip down memory lane!


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what did I step in?

I love children’s games.  I don’t have any kids, but as a speech therapist I work with them on a daily basis!  There are so many fun games out there to play with the kiddos, while working on speech and language.

We have lots of games and resources at work, but I like to have my own stash.  As a new clinician, however, developing said stash can get a little pricey!  So I have decided to get a little creative.

Have you seen this game?

Kids love it.  It’s basically a hyped up, silly memory game.  There’s a little shoe with a suction cup on the bottom, and you use the shoe to “step” on the cards to pick them up!

But I figured I could make my own version of this game.  So, I picked up a little shoe keychain from the dollar store and used a suction cup that I had from my Venus razor shower-wall-thingy-that-never-stays-up-anyways.

I carved a small hole in the bottom of the shoe, and glued in the suction cup.

Let the glue dry, and voila!

My own little suction cup shoe!  Now I can “step” to my heart’s content.


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