laundry quandary

I shouldn’t really complain.  The hubs does do his own laundry – his momma trained him well.

But I think he missed the memo on how to separate said laundry.

Here’s are my three categories:

  1. whites
  2. darks
  3. towels

….. right?

Now, I know people get more specific and divide these into even smaller categories.  But last I heard, there wasn’t a whitesdarkstowelsjacketswhateverelse category? For some reason, what bothers me most is that he insists on putting towels in with anything.

At first, my argument was that putting them all together would somehow wreck the softness of the towels.  But after consulting with the mighty Google for some support, I found that it was the opposite!  Towels are bulkier and heavier, and can therefore damage your clothes in the machine.  Plus, they take longer to dry, so while in the process of trying to dry your towels you dry your clothes for much longer than is required.  (Fascinating, right?  Yes.  Bear with me.)

I didn’t think I would be a nagger, but apparently this is one of my chosen beefs.

I am trying a different route, though.  Hopefully he will see the humor in it and comply.


I know breakups are hard, but I think he handled it quite well, don’t you?

PS if you are having similar trouble, you can download this note here.


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