…to the night market!

When I made my summer to-do list, taking a trip to the night market was on it.  I had heard it was a must-do of the summer!  And the website claimed that it was on BBC’s top 10 list of night markets. Really?

Turns out the night market isn’t much more than a zillion stands of iPhone cases.  Oh, I’m sorry, there was one stand that sold teddy bear bouquets (a la this photo), and another that boasted its 2-for-1 swords.

What?  I had such high hopes!

They did have a pretty impressive strip of food vendors, though:

And I did score this gem:

Guess it wasn’t such a bust after all?

Plus, they had karaoke.  Mind you, it was in either mandarin or cantonese…

Nope, I think we can safely say it was a bust.  Ah well!  I got a pretty cute owl necklace out of the deal.  #winning!



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3 responses to “…to the night market!

  1. i love shopping at night markets!!! you can get soo much cheap stuff there and bargaining is amazing!!

  2. this sounds so fun!



    (p.s. I’m on bloglovin’ too – find me! :))

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