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I’ll owl-ways love Halloween.

Happy Halloween to all! I have always loved Halloween, not so much for the candy (but let’s be honest, that is definitely a big part of it!), but mostly for the chance to dress up. (As I have mentioned here and here, it is no secret that I love me a good costume.)

I perused around Pinterest for some ideas, and found this Owl Costume.  Since I am mainly dressing up for the children at work and the trick-or-treaters tomorrow night, I thought I should be somewhat recognizable to the kiddos.  So to the children at the very least, I will be a bird.

This was definitely a feat, even though the intructions described this as both “quick” and “easy.”  Probably quick and easy for a kid version, but I was not prepared for the amount of cutting involved!  BUT, while it was time consuming, I was happy to get into the crafting vibe again.  It has been too long!

So after much tracing…


and gluing…

I have a crazy owl costume for the kiddos.  (The fabric glue is drying, otherwise I would show you what the whole getup looks like.  Stay tuned, though!)

In the meantime, here is a photo of me in my mask.  Hubs has deemed it too creepy to wear right on my face (I sort of agree), so I will opt to wear it as an “owl-face headband” of sorts.


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