It’s a miracle, people!

I did it.

I completed a knitting project.

While this is likely not very exciting for you, it is a momentous occasion for me.  You see, this girl has never done that before.  (No, I take that back.  I have made quite a few “not-quite-big-enough-to-be-dishclothes” squares of yarn.  I don’t think those count.)

No, I made something I can actually wear, see?


It does have a few blemishes, which have been strategically placed at the back of the head. If I can’t see them, they’re not there, right?

Ah who cares, I MADE A WHOLE HAT all by myself!*

*i.e. with the help of YouTube



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2 responses to “It’s a miracle, people!

  1. Weeeeeee! Knitting is so fun. Watch out for knitting addiction! Have you joined Ravelry yet? Doooooo it. Then friend me (janabella).

  2. I joined early in the New Year when I was inspired… but haven’t really been back since (’til now). I just friended you! :)

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