Christmas copycat

So.  Christmas is coming at an alarming speed.  Anyone else completely unprepared??  Don’t get me started on Christmas shopping.  I am still slowly finishing my Christmas cards.

Enter: the topic of this post.  If you are in Pinterest and perusing Christmas crafts (you mean that’s not how you spend your evenings??), you may have come across this.  When I saw these photobooth props, I knew I had to have them for a Christmas card photo!  But I don’t like to pay for things I feel like I can make on my own.  To the craft drawer!

With a little foam, scissors, tape, and bamboo skewers, I was able to make my own!  (Because I’m a copycat like that.)


Now to convince the Husband to pose for a photo…


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  1. so so so cute…and yes that is exactly how I spend my evenings…..on Pinterest!


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