31 days of Birthdays

Anyone else a big birthday person?  I know I am.  My family always made a huge deal about birthdays, celebrations and miscellanous occasions.  Every trip we went on (even short weekend trips) was followed by souvenir gifts for the whole family.  Any reason to celebrate – I’m in!

Now Michael, on the other had, has insisted that he doesn’t care too much about birthdays, trip souvenirs, etc.  His family never made a big deal out of these kinds of events, so I shouldn’t feel the need to make a big deal for him.  So, when he turned 30 last year, I didn’t make a big do of it.  (I know, I know – bad wife!)  It was the day after Christmas, we were traveling that day, et cetera, et cetera, and we spent the night with his parents at their place and turned in early.

For all of last year, I did not hear the end of it.  (Lesson learned:  when the husband says he doesn’t care, he really does.)

So for Michaels’ 31st birthday, I wanted to do something special.  Enter,

31 Days of Birthdays!  

Starting on November 26th, each day Michael woke up to a card and small gift.  Each gift had its own special significance and he  was like a little kid each morning.  It was very cute.


I have definitely learned that no matter what he says, this man loves birthday celebrations.  I mean, who doesn’t love the chance to feel special and get presents??  I should have known, and I won’t make that mistake again!

I’ll add this to “lessons learned in the first year of marriage.” :)

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