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A {little late!} DIY Advent Calendar

Christmas and crafting go hand in hand.  At least for me.  I’m not saying it’s always turns out well… but my crafty mojo really gets going around this time of year.

This year I decided to create an advent calendar!  I had a big blank space of wall that was just begging to be filled in.  So, after pinning multiple DIY advent calendars like this and this, I finally ended up making one that looks like this!


– mini paper bags
– mini clothespins
– number cut outs
– something to mark the days (I used a sparkly star)
– twine
– tape and glue

I didn’t get very fancy with this.  I have tape holding up the ends, people.  And as long as I only fill each bag one day at a time, it won’t fall down!  Hah.

At least it looks pretty.


Merry Christmas!



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