I knit it myself!

I present you with a month’s worth of knitting (read: TV watching).

The Sunny Baby Blanket.

I love it.  Mostly because it’s so pretty, and that I can say I knit it myself!  Really, though, this one really taught me a lot about knitting.  I made a lot of mistakes, but through going back and fixing them (thanks to Suzie for teaching me how to undo stitches – I ripped out a lot of rows), I learned how to prevent mistakes or fix them as I go.

So thank you, blanket, for what you taught me this month.  I feel like a better knitter because of you.

(Merry Christmas to my future niece/nephew!)



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Christmas copycat

So.  Christmas is coming at an alarming speed.  Anyone else completely unprepared??  Don’t get me started on Christmas shopping.  I am still slowly finishing my Christmas cards.

Enter: the topic of this post.  If you are in Pinterest and perusing Christmas crafts (you mean that’s not how you spend your evenings??), you may have come across this.  When I saw these photobooth props, I knew I had to have them for a Christmas card photo!  But I don’t like to pay for things I feel like I can make on my own.  To the craft drawer!

With a little foam, scissors, tape, and bamboo skewers, I was able to make my own!  (Because I’m a copycat like that.)


Now to convince the Husband to pose for a photo…

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It’s a miracle, people!

I did it.

I completed a knitting project.

While this is likely not very exciting for you, it is a momentous occasion for me.  You see, this girl has never done that before.  (No, I take that back.  I have made quite a few “not-quite-big-enough-to-be-dishclothes” squares of yarn.  I don’t think those count.)

No, I made something I can actually wear, see?


It does have a few blemishes, which have been strategically placed at the back of the head. If I can’t see them, they’re not there, right?

Ah who cares, I MADE A WHOLE HAT all by myself!*

*i.e. with the help of YouTube


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I’ll owl-ways love Halloween.

Happy Halloween to all! I have always loved Halloween, not so much for the candy (but let’s be honest, that is definitely a big part of it!), but mostly for the chance to dress up. (As I have mentioned here and here, it is no secret that I love me a good costume.)

I perused around Pinterest for some ideas, and found this Owl Costume.  Since I am mainly dressing up for the children at work and the trick-or-treaters tomorrow night, I thought I should be somewhat recognizable to the kiddos.  So to the children at the very least, I will be a bird.

This was definitely a feat, even though the intructions described this as both “quick” and “easy.”  Probably quick and easy for a kid version, but I was not prepared for the amount of cutting involved!  BUT, while it was time consuming, I was happy to get into the crafting vibe again.  It has been too long!

So after much tracing…


and gluing…

I have a crazy owl costume for the kiddos.  (The fabric glue is drying, otherwise I would show you what the whole getup looks like.  Stay tuned, though!)

In the meantime, here is a photo of me in my mask.  Hubs has deemed it too creepy to wear right on my face (I sort of agree), so I will opt to wear it as an “owl-face headband” of sorts.


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summer recap

As summer is coming to a close and we are approaching mid-September (sob!), I’d like to reflect on what has gone down over these last few months. Back in June I created a summer to-do list – won’t you join me as I reflect on how successful (or not) I was in implementing the items on this list:

As you can see, I some of the few things I did do were play frisbee (I re-discovered that I am no good), go on a kayaking/camping trip (a tremendous arm workout – ouch!), and shop at the summer night market.

See footnotes for (somewhat) related adventures!

1: My sister and I were this close to seeing Pretty Woman in the park but instead visited with our mom who was in town.  (We did, however, watch my copy at home afterwards.  Love me some Pretty Woman!)

2: Didn’t make it, but definitely drank it.  (See Mom and Sis clearly excited about it!)

3: The Husband was not interested, much to my chagrin.  In (vaguely) related news, I went on a Biking Stagette, which was super fun!

4: We tried.  We promptly traded them in for bikes, for fear of severely injuring ourselves.  Regardless of transportation mode,  it’s gorgeous.

5: We did buy iced tea from a couple adorable kids.

6:  I made fudgesicles.  Totally counts.

In the end, here are my thoughts on a summer to-do list:

– It can be fun to dream up fun adventures for the summer

– In the end, you may end up feeling inadequate by only checking off four items

– Upon realizing your inadequacy, you may feel the need to make excuses for lack of summer adventures (see footnotes above)

– All in all, it serves as a good motivator and you can carry over the plans to next year :)

Here’s to the fall!


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…to the night market!

When I made my summer to-do list, taking a trip to the night market was on it.  I had heard it was a must-do of the summer!  And the website claimed that it was on BBC’s top 10 list of night markets. Really?

Turns out the night market isn’t much more than a zillion stands of iPhone cases.  Oh, I’m sorry, there was one stand that sold teddy bear bouquets (a la this photo), and another that boasted its 2-for-1 swords.

What?  I had such high hopes!

They did have a pretty impressive strip of food vendors, though:

And I did score this gem:

Guess it wasn’t such a bust after all?

Plus, they had karaoke.  Mind you, it was in either mandarin or cantonese…

Nope, I think we can safely say it was a bust.  Ah well!  I got a pretty cute owl necklace out of the deal.  #winning!


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Bang! Bang! pshew pshew

So yesterday I had a day off.

As I was puttering around getting stuff done, I decided that I wanted bangs.

Now, I’ve been thinking about getting them for a while, and had been humming and hawing so I finally decided to do it. Helps to have my hair salon just around the corner.  Because the entire turnover time from deciding to get them to walking home from the salon was approximately 30 min.

Whaddya think?

Not gonna lie… I’m really into my new ‘do.

Plus, they didn’t charge me for a haircut, just a tip to the hairdresser!  Amazing!

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