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Belly to Baby

Wow.  Nearly a year since my last post.  What better way to start anew than with baby news!

Winston was born via emergency c-section on January 31 at 2:00am. Born at 35 weeks, he was a wee one, weighting in at 4lbs 10oz. Perhaps one day I will share my birth story, but until then, join me on my journey of belly to baby!



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baby bird stitched art

I am noticing a trend as of late – I am constantly being drawn to crafty baby things.  i.e., the baby mobile, the fabric name art, the Bambi mod podge art… and now this!  Hmm.  I am not planning on having a baby anytime soon.  I guess I just like babies, and all the cute stuff that comes along with them!   For now, I will just treat these projects as ideas for baby shower gifts, birthdays, etc.

Enter this cute tutorial by Vanessa at Lella Boutique.  I came across this totally by chance while perusing blogland, and decided that I had to share it.

how adorable is this?!

Here, Vanessa lays out step-by-step how to make one of these beautiful little pieces to hang in a child’s room.  She even gives you a printable for this little bird pattern!  And I am really not a sewer but I feel that this would look great even without quilting the fabric.

Adding this to my list of “to do”s for sure!

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fabric name art!

Lately, my latest obsession has been fabric art.  So, when saw this fabric name art at Crap I’ve Made, I decided that I have to try it out!

love the green and pink!

My niece’s 1st birthday is coming up… how adorable would something like this be?!  I’ve found out that her room colours are pink and royal blue.  I am already envisioning the cuteness!  Although I already know that there will be more cutting involved (my niece’s name has 8 letters…).

I’ll keep you posted! :)

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baby mobile

After reading this post title, I automatically start to think of babies whizzing around in their own little cars (like this).

Not that kind of mobile, silly.  This kind!

Shower you with Love mobile

How cute is this?  Jessica, from Jessica Designs, posts the tutorial here. Looks pretty doable!

Now I just need to convince one of my friends to have a baby, and I can make one…

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