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bobby pin holder, prettified!

I don’t know about you, but I use a lot of bobby pins.  To the extent that there are extra bobby pins constantly falling out of my pockets (gotta have extras), in the corners of rooms, under couch cushions… you get the point.  I have taken to storing them in a tiny little Altoids tin, which really is the perfect size.  But this morning as I was doin’ my usual thing, I looked at my tin and thought I should make it prettier.  So I did!

The Process:


This took seriously no time at all.  I just traced the lid on the back of some scrapbook paper, and allowed for about a centimeter on each side.  Then I cut in from each corner diagonally, so I could fold them over to make the rounded corners look more flush.  Mod podge a few coats, let it dry and you’re done!

So now, instead of seeing the plain old Altoids tin every morning, I see a new, cute little one. I like!

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