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Handmade Gift Exchange Project

Here it is – my project for Linda’s handmade gift exchange!  Now, I am sure you are all familiar with the scrabble tile pendant concept – it even looks like it was the gift of choice for many of you gift exchangers!  So this may feel a little passé for some, but it was a new project for me and I thought this was a great opportunity for me to try my hand at it.

As I have mentioned, in our email exchanges my crafting partner told me that she was interested in “the 1940s, 1950s and science.” So I had a bit to work with! However, I thought it would be more fun to go for more of a vintage feel, minus the science (sorry Sydnee!).

After some sleuthing I found out that she likes sewing.  So, I figured as my image I would use a vintage sewing pattern!

I chose this one:


I shrunk it down to a scrabble tile size, printed it off, and with the help of these materials,

created this:

After some roadblocks along the way (ahem, 4 clasps and a few scrabble tiles later) I realized that I probably could have looked up a tutorial or something.  Oh well – I improvised (hence a little Krazy glue and the pliers with cotton balls taped to them…) and I think it turned out pretty well!

Sydnee, I hope you like!



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bobby pin holder, prettified!

I don’t know about you, but I use a lot of bobby pins.  To the extent that there are extra bobby pins constantly falling out of my pockets (gotta have extras), in the corners of rooms, under couch cushions… you get the point.  I have taken to storing them in a tiny little Altoids tin, which really is the perfect size.  But this morning as I was doin’ my usual thing, I looked at my tin and thought I should make it prettier.  So I did!

The Process:


This took seriously no time at all.  I just traced the lid on the back of some scrapbook paper, and allowed for about a centimeter on each side.  Then I cut in from each corner diagonally, so I could fold them over to make the rounded corners look more flush.  Mod podge a few coats, let it dry and you’re done!

So now, instead of seeing the plain old Altoids tin every morning, I see a new, cute little one. I like!

(linking up at C.R.A.F.T, Keeping it Simple, CraftOManiac and Making the World Cuter!)


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spray paint with caution

What follows is a quasi-successful thrift store re-do project :)  When I found this desk drawer set at the Salvation army, it was covered in scratches and doodles.  I decided that it had potential, so I went to the paint store and picked up some spray paint to make it pretty!

Slight problem, though.  I live in a 650 square foot condo, with not a lot of room to spray paint in.  To the deck I went.

I knew I had to cover the deck with something to protect it from the paint, so I used an old sheet.  It didn’t cover the whole deck, but it covered the area where I’d be spraying.  Should be fine, right?  Hmm.  Not so much.

It was big enough for the obvious spray paint marks but not for the “mist” that inevitably happens when you are literally spraying paint.

and for a close up…

Yep, those are permanent blue and white marks on our deck.  I am hoping that the sun might eventually fade it?!

Once I realized I had made my mark on the deck, I stopped in my tracks.  Hence the unfinished drawers and yellow peeking through.

You can’t really tell with stuff inside, so it’s I’m not too concerned.  I might mod podge the insides of the drawers though, since I’m on a kick anyway :)

But here’s the final project!

I have taken an unspoken vow to wait until we have a backyard (or I find a field) to spray paint in!

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I was warned.

Jana, you were right!

It’s totally addictive.

Last night’s project:


end result: the front

end result: the back!

A boring brown dollar store clipboard made into something pretty!

Lesson learned.  More patience = less bubbles.  (Note: less, not none.)

Next up, clothespins!  Now, I don’t exactly have many clothes to pin, but check out the super cute ways they can be used:

Magnets by The Paper Girl

could hold notes or photos!

Gift tag clips by Prudent Baby

cute touch to a gift!

Photo holder by The Accidental Crafter

this could also function as a card holder

A memo board by Beautiful Inspiration Designs

clothespin memo board

Loving the crafty inspiration :)

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mod podge basket re-do

Look what I made!   A while ago I posted about some items I found at the Salvation Army.  Well, a few weeks ago I had an evening to myself so I gave myself permission to make a mess mod podging on the dining room table!  I had a big package of scrapbook paper that I got for Christmas a while back, so I chose a colour I thought matched with my bathroom decor and ran with it!



As my first mod podge project.. there are a few imperfections.  I used this tutorial and it was super helpful.  But I learned the hard way that when she says “KEEP smoothing for a minute or two,” she really means it!  I’m so impatient that this part was hard for me.  Nothing worse than bubbles (of which I have a few) or peeling edges (ditto) that happen when you don’t spend enough time smoothing it out.  So I learned my lesson.  But you can only see them when you look reeeally closely, so it doesn’t really count, right?  Right.

Now I can’t help thinking all the time, “What else can I mod podge?!”


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