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Let’s get natural (pt 2.)

As I was searching for a recipe for homemade, natural cleaning supplies, I came across all kinds of green-living websites. Gotta say, I quickly passed through some that were a little too hippie for me, required too much effort, or insisted on totally obscure ingredients that I would require a lengthy search and a hefty bill.

But a blog by Sayward at Bonzai Aphrodite was different!  I love her simple recipes for natural, homemade cleaning supplies.  She basically fulfilled all of my criteria for not passing by her website.  (Plus, her writing style is really personable which always helps!)

A little while ago I made a simple homemade cleaner, and since it was so easy I thought I’d try another.  So I revisited Sayward’s blog.

I give you,

Homemade Dish Soap

Um, that’s it?  Yes!  She also suggests using a few drops of essential oil if you purchase unscented soap.  I bought the Lemon scented kind, because it is the quintessential ‘clean’ smell.  Also, because it cost the same as unscented and I’d rather not spend extra on buying lemon essential oil… (made sense to me!)  See the original post/recipe here.

I hesitate calling it “homemade” soap because you are basically buying a different kind of soap.  But you can feel much better about it, since it’s all natural!  (And still makes suds, which I was afraid of losing!)

Plus, the glass bottle looks much prettier than anything you would buy.  (I seem to be hung up on this.)  I encourage you to try it yourself!

Palmolive, look out!


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Let’s get natural… natural..

(Title sung to the tune of a certain Olivia Newton-John song.)

So lately I have been looking into ways to make my life a little greener.  I wish I could say it was because I have this genuine urge to be easier on the planet.  That is definitely partly it, but it more stems from not wanting to breathe in/absorb all those unpronounceable chemicals in household cleaners and detergents. (Just being honest!)

To this end, I had started purchasing my standard brands, but instead choosing varieties that said “green” on them (e.g. Clorox GreenWorks).  They made me feel a little better about it, but I truly wonder if they are really as “green” as they claim on the bottle.

So today I thought I’d venture a step further.  I know you can make home “recipes” for household cleaners, so I thought I would give it a shot! I chose an All-Purpose Cleaner as my first venture.

All-Purpose Cleaner


  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 15 drops of essential oil (I used Lavender)

I was a bit wary of using vinegar, because let’s be honest – I don’t want my bathroom to smell like vinegar after I’m done with it.  I want it to smell fresh and clean! (So fresh and so clean.. )

I just made this and tried it out – it worked like a charm!  The few drops of essential oil definitely balance out the vinegar smell.  And did you know that vinegar is a natural disinfectant?  I didn’t.

So I think I will try this out for a while. See how it goes!  I might try my hand at a few other home remedies and report back.

Of course, after I made the cleaner I could only think about making a pretty label for the bottle.  So I did.  See?

As I was Googling sample labels I came across Amy’s blog.  She has some lovely labels for the recipe that she uses – if you are interested you should check it out!  I used her labels as a template for creating my own (thanks Amy!).  I got a little impatient and wanted to put the label on right that moment, so I printed it off on paper and mod podged it on.  But (like Amy suggests), printing off on shipping label stickers would work out better.

But seriously – isn’t this little bottle way cuter than anything made by Clorox?  And that’s what really matters, right?  :)

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