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the den

Okay. This space was advertised on the real estate spec sheet as a den. Hmm… that’s a stretch. It could maybe be used as an office, but a cramped one at that. We’re happy to have the space, but let’s not kid ourselves. Anyway, we’re planning to make it a storage/coat room that is pleasing to the eye. Ergo one of my resolutions. So far it seems to be the ‘miscellaneous’ room.. where things go when they don’t have a place. It’s slowly becoming more cluttered and overgrown, as you can see (don’t judge me, we only moved in four months ago!).

the bane of my existence

I’m determined to make it pretty! You’ll see…


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New Year, New Blog, New Resolutions.

Well, here ‘goes. I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for a while, following crafty blogs (e.g. eighteen25, A Stitch in Lime), home decor blogs (e.g. House of Smiths) and – although I’m not a mommy yet – Mommy blogs (e.g. The Modish Mama). Inspired by these (and many other) wonderful women I decided to give it a shot! I chose making a ‘craft’ blog mostly because I’ve always been into crafty things. I’ve dabbled in crochet, knitting and cross-stitch, as a kid I always liked creating things like board games or home-made books, and over the years I have gotten really into making cards for friends and family. I hope to use this blog as a ‘creative outlet’ if you will.. and as most of our lives are quite hectic I hope it will keep me accountable to set aside time to create and unwind, and all the while documenting my progress here. First things first – Resolutions! I got this template from My Girl Thursday – super cute, no?

I’ve got some ambitious creative goals for the new year (well, for me anyways!). We’ll see how it goes. Stay tuned!


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