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the inspiration board

Today as I was visiting with a friend, I saw that she had created something that she called her “inspiration board.”  I love the concept, and have seen variations of this concept here and there.. but I particularly liked how she made hers!

Basically, she took an old photo frame and took out the glass.  She spray-painted the frame a colour of her choice and used the frame’s cardboard backing (as it was relatively thick) as her corkboard.  Et voila!  She was ready to pin ideas, quotes, pictures, etc. that inspire her!

fuzzy photo... my bad

I love this concept.  It inspired me to make one myself!  (Get it?  Inspiration board?  Inspired me? ha.)



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spray paint with caution

What follows is a quasi-successful thrift store re-do project :)  When I found this desk drawer set at the Salvation army, it was covered in scratches and doodles.  I decided that it had potential, so I went to the paint store and picked up some spray paint to make it pretty!

Slight problem, though.  I live in a 650 square foot condo, with not a lot of room to spray paint in.  To the deck I went.

I knew I had to cover the deck with something to protect it from the paint, so I used an old sheet.  It didn’t cover the whole deck, but it covered the area where I’d be spraying.  Should be fine, right?  Hmm.  Not so much.

It was big enough for the obvious spray paint marks but not for the “mist” that inevitably happens when you are literally spraying paint.

and for a close up…

Yep, those are permanent blue and white marks on our deck.  I am hoping that the sun might eventually fade it?!

Once I realized I had made my mark on the deck, I stopped in my tracks.  Hence the unfinished drawers and yellow peeking through.

You can’t really tell with stuff inside, so it’s I’m not too concerned.  I might mod podge the insides of the drawers though, since I’m on a kick anyway :)

But here’s the final project!

I have taken an unspoken vow to wait until we have a backyard (or I find a field) to spray paint in!

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