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a bright and fun Easter printable

So it turns out I love playing around with Photoshop!  I am starting to think I might be able to cross that one off my list

I made one of these for Valentine’s, and I love how it looks on my mantel!  (Yes, I said looks – I haven’t yet taken it down from Valentine’s day… shame, I know.)

It’s formatted to fit a 5×7 frame, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t print it larger.  Last time I ordered it through a local photofinishing place and just made sure I asked for “no colour corrections,” as I wanted to keep the colours as I saw them on the screen!

You can download the printable here!


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valentine’s subway art – framed

Remember the valentine’s subway art I showed here?  Well, I framed it!

I think it’s pretty – now to create some other things to join it on the mantel!  Methinks something like this would look nice… and I still want to make one of these for our front door.  My crafty wish list is growing, but I love it!



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valentine’s subway art

Yesterday I got my hubby to show me how to use photoshop.  I’m sort of getting the hang of it, but with all the layers and brushes etc., there’s definitely a learning curve!  After I created my header (a big deal for me!) I wanted to try my (developing) skills out on something else!  I’ve seen a few posts here and there showing off  valentine’s subway art, and I thought this would be the perfect project. And super easy!  I think I’ll frame it and put it on the mantel… but I’m eager to show it off.

valentine's subway art

Thank you, ladies for this beautiful idea. And thank you, Photoshop!

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